Write-up – Heather Ferguson

The Wilheim Reich Center for the Study of Embodiment Feb 24, 2024

Reflections On How Trauma and Dissociation Are Embodied

Heather Ferguson, LCSW

I want to acknowledge the panelists’ significant contributions to the study of aesthetic, improvisational, sensorial, unconscious, Read more

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Embodied effects of Trauma and Dissociation and a Clinical approach

by Henry Markman

In this limited time I’m going talk about my work with traumatized-dissociated patients, particularly those with early relational developmental trauma, and some of the ideas the guide me.

We can’t talk about trauma and dissociation without Read more

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Write-up – Françoise Davoine

2nd Wilhelm Reich Center Conversation

February 24, 2024


Françoise Davoine,

 “I turn to stone and my pain goes on,” said Wittgenstein, in his Philosophical Investigations. (§ 288)[1] . He had suffered Read more

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